Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of use

Avid Art Agency’s terms and conditions are stipulated in writing within our authorisation forms and contracts.

Rights granted are normally on a non-exclusive basis for a given period, a specific type of distribution and number of copies or licences taken out when concerning artwork.

The grant of rights are contingent upon the inclusion of correct copyright credits, and the payment of any applicable fees.

In some cases, the submission of layouts, color proofs, samples or other materials may be offered prior to final authorisation.

If requested, a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ will accompany any artwork or reproduction.

Rights for Artists

All artist’s have agreed to terms and conditions to feature and sell their artwork through Avid Art Agency.

Unless otherwise stated, copyright remains with the individual artists.

For further information see Design and Artists Copyright Society


Avid Art_Monkwell Square_5

Sculpture by D. MacDiarmid at Monkwell Square in central London.